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2018 Shodokan Calendar Printed Copies Are Available at Shodokan Dojo

Happy New Year and as always, thank you for your support. The 2018 Shodokan calendar is now available. Japanese copies are available at the Shodokan Dojo when it opens for the new year on Friday, January 5th. An English copy is available for viewing here. Dates and times are subject to change; we will update […]

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Finland Shodokan making the News Shodokan Aikido Introduced in a Finnish Newspaper (by Ian Box)

Since gaining his shodan, Juha-Matti Ahola has worked hard promoting Shodokan Aikido in Finland, and it appears his efforts have been rewarded. Recently a Finnish newspaper published an article about Shodokan Aikido. Well done Juha-Matti Ahola and congratulations.We, here in Honbu, are sure your club will continue to grow in membership and we look forward to […]

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