50th Anniversary Celebrations! 50 years of Shodokan Aikido.



(NPO) Shodokan Aikido Federation
To all members and officials, it gives us great pleasure to announce that 2017 is the dojo’s 50th Anniversary.

To celebrate this milestone in Tomiki Shihan’s legacy October 8 (Sunday) there will be an Aikido extravaganza held at the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium.

There will be demonstrations from Shodokan members – children and adult Aikidoka. There will also be joint training – junior high, high school and adults.

Some of Shodokan’s top instructors along with Nariyama Shihan will conduct short seminars and much, much more. This event promises to be a full day of celebration.

In addition, an official ceremony is scheduled from around 18:00. This is obviously a party! All are welcome to attend.

More details will be added soon. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions, please contact the following.
Sakai Secretariat Shinnosuke
545-0021 Osaka Abeno-ku, Osaka Hannan-cho 1-28-7 Shodokan Honbu
Tel / Fax: 06-6622-2046
Email: Shodokanattoshodokanaikido.Com

October 8th, 2017
Osaka City Central Gymnasium
3-1-40 Tanaka, Minato-ku
Osaka, Osaka