The 42nd Kansai Aikido Competition Sunday, December, 3rd 2017

The 42nd Kansai Aikido competition

Guidelines of the 42nd Kansai Aikido Kyogi Taikai Date)Sunday 3rd December 2017 9:30 am ~ 6:00 pm (Scheduled Finish) Venue)
Venue: Abeno Sports Center.
Entry Fee: Adults・Students JPY 3,000 (Inclusive of insurance) This fee covers all regardless of the number of events you’ve entered.
※ Note ※ Anyone who wishes to order a bento lunchbox should do so at the same time as applying for entry into the competition. Bento fee is an additional JPY 500.
【Important Points】 Mixed Team Event:Abe Cup is open to non-dan grades only. Uchiyama Cup is open to dan grades only.
■Tanto Randori Kyogi: Open to dan grades only. (※Non-dan grades wishing to compete in the randori must consult with the tournament managers) List of events A Mixed Team Events Abe Cup (Non-dan grade division For events{1.2.3.}uke and tori may change freely) 1. Suwari waza Shomen uchi Oshi taoshi (Omote left and right・Ura let and right) Total 4 techniques 2. 5 Atemi waza from Kihon 17 techniques 3. 6 Hiji waza from Kihon 19 techniques 4. Ladies Taisabaki Kyogi 5. Tanto Randori Embu (45 seconds)
Uchiyama Cup (Dan grade division) 1. Koryu Goshin no Kata Suwari waza Hanza handachi (8 techniques) + Toshu Jiyu waza (3 techniques) 2. Koryu Goshin no Kata Toshu Tachi waza (8 techniques) + Toshu Jiyu waza (3 techniques) 3. Ladies Tanto Taisabaki Kyogi 4. Toshu Randori Kyogi (Men) 5. Tanto Randori Kyogi (Men) B Embu Events 1. Lower Kyu Grades Division (White Belt to 6kyu) Toshu Jiyu waza 6 techniques (After 3 techniques, uke and tori must change).
2. Higher Kyu Grades Division(5kyu to 1kyu) Toshu Jiyu waza 8 techniques (Uke and tori may change freely)
3. Dan Grade Division Toshu Jiyu waza within 1 minute (Uke and tori may change freely) 4. Weapons Division(2nd Dan and above) ① 3 techniques chosen freely from 「Tachi Dori」+②「Kumitachi」 techniques 1・4・7・8 ※ It is possible to change uke and tori between part ① and part ②. However, it is not possible to change uke and tori during part ① or during part ②.
C Tanto Randori Kyogi (Dan grades) Women’s Individual Tanto Randori Men’s Individual Tanto Randori (Ueki Cup)
Following the competition, there shall be a party. Details are as below.
Venue) Asahi Beer Keller, Abeno Building, Abeno
Time) 6:30 pm ~ Party Fee) Men JPY 4,500 Women JPY 4,000 Visitors from outside the Kansai Region JPY 2,000.
Deadline for indicating competition entry is Wednesday 15th November. Payment should be made by Wednesday 29th November. Please give the exact amount, so as not to require change. Payment may be given to Sakai sensei, Fujimoto sensei, Nariyama Tetsuya sensei, Joe sensei.
Please note that the competition shall begin promptly at 9:30 am. Staff and officials should meet outside the venue by 8:30 am.
December 3rd, 2017
9:30am - 5:30pm
Abeno Sports Centre
3-10-1 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku
Osaka, Osaka 545-0052