Published Feb 26, 2020 12:59

*** 03/01 Festival Events Cancelled ***

Attn: Participants of Shodokan Aikido Festival 26th February 2020  Dear all,  It is our unfortunate responsibility to inform you that due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, we have been forced to cancel part of the Shodokan Aikido Festival.In recent days there have been several new announcements from the Japanese Government, advising against the […]

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Published Dec 28, 2019 17:42

Shodokan Aikido Festival 2020

Osaka, Japan, 2/29 + 03/01 Shodokan is pleased to announce an aikido festival to be held February 29th and March 1st, 2020. This festival will consist of training seminars and exhibitions by junior, university, general members, and even organizations. Additionally (and expected), a party will be held on the evening of February 29th. All are […]

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Published Jul 12, 2018 17:18

Shodokan Aikido Federation/ East Japan Aikido Federation Summer Seminar

Shodokan Aikido Federation/ East Japan Aikido Federation Summer Seminar On August 4th and 5th (Sat/Sun), a joint summer seminar will be held in Tokyo at Kokushikan University. We encourage your participation; all levels are welcome to join. Members are encouraged to bring their own bokkuto and jo. The schedule will be as follows: August 4th […]

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Published Feb 27, 2018 20:59

Guidance for the 2018 Kansai General Member’s Competition

For this competition general members, regardless of their grade, are invited to participate in mixed team events at Shodokan Hombu dojo. Participants will be placed on to teams via a lottery draw, making it a good chance to meet other members and adding to the relaxed feeling of this competition. We invite everyone to attend […]

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Published Jan 25, 2018 17:04

2018 Ladies Training Course

Shodokan Dojo is pleased to offer its annual training seminar for ladies on February 11th, 2018. Be advised that this is a public holiday, and as such no normal classes will be offered on this date. Women of all ages and levels are welcome to come and participate, with coffee and snacks provided after practice […]

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Published Dec 15, 2017 17:26

2018 Cold Weather Training (Kangeiko)

Shodokan Dojo would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and would like to invite you to our annual cold weather conditioning event. For ten days (January 12th to January 21st) the training schedule will be as follows: 1. Practice Days and Times Children and Junior Members: January 12th – January 14th , […]

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Published Oct 10, 2017 20:44

Shodokan’s 50th Anniversary Report

In Osaka on sunny and warm Sunday, October 8th, 2017, more than 250 Aikidoka – both adult and children – from around Japan as well as overseas, gathered in the municipal gymnasium to celebrate the 50 years that have passed since the birth of Honbu dojo. Yes folks, 50 years ago Tomiki Shihan established Shodokan […]

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