Published Aug 7, 2022 15:23

Original 2021 Shodokan t-shirt reprinting

We are re-printing the 2021 Official Shodokan T-shirts due to popular demand! Deadline is August ninth, so order yours now.

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Published Aug 7, 2022 15:11

Original 2022 Shodokan t-shirts

The 2022 Official Shodokan T-shirts are now available for order! There will be two printings – one in August, one in September.

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Published Nov 21, 2021 12:00

Time change for the winter children’s grading

Notice about the time change for the winter 2021 children’s grading.

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Published Nov 2, 2021 15:04

Kansai University Tournament on December fifth

Information about the 41st annual Kansai University Student Tournament, being held in December, 2021.

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Published Aug 18, 2021 13:56

SAF Update and Patreon Annoucement

Regarding current training at Shodokan Honbu; details on our Patreon, which has instructional videos and live streamed training sessions.

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Published May 22, 2020 22:52

Announcement of Shodokan Hombu Reopening + Special Practice Procedure

We hope that all Shodokan members are doing well during these unusual times. Based on the instructions from Osaka Prefectural Government, Shodokan will remain closed until Friday 29th May. Adult classes will resume from Saturday 30th May.  All classes will be reduced to one hour. For juniors, special classes with restricted numbers will be established. These […]

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Published May 15, 2020 23:24

***Notice of Extension to Special Temporary Closure ***

Following the Government’s Emergency Declaration, Shodokan will extend its period of special temporary closure until Thursday 21st May.Regarding the possible reopening from Friday 22nd May, we hope to give you more details when possible. We thank all our members for their continued understanding at this time.  Shodokan

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Published May 5, 2020 15:03

***Notice of Extension to Special Temporary Closure ***

Following the Government’s extension of the period of the Emergency Declaration, Shodokan Hombu dojo will also extend its period of special temporary closure past the originally announced date of Wednesday 6th May a further 8 days, until Thursday 14th May. Regarding the possible reopening from Friday 15th May, we hope to give you more details […]

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Published Apr 9, 2020 08:23

*** Notice of Temporary Closure Due to Government COVID-19 Guidelines ***

Following the government’s Emergency Declaration, and also to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, both children and adult’s classes at Shodokan Hombu Dojo will be cancelled from Thursday, April 9th through Wednesday, May 6th. April’s monthly fee will be transferred to May. We ask for your understanding at this time, and hope […]

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Published Apr 3, 2020 22:58

*** 04/12 Referee Meeting and Shodohai Cancellation***

In order to reduce transmission of COVID-19, Shodokan Hombu Dojo will be cancelling the scheduled referee training session and Shodohai Competition on April 12th, 2020. We are currently considering moving the date to May 10th. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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