Published August 7, 2022 15:23

Original 2021 Shodokan t-shirt reprinting

Thank you for your continued support for the activities of the Shodokan Aikido Federation. While we had originally closed applications to receiving new orders of “Shodokan Original T-shirts”, due to the popularity of the T-shirts we would like to inform you that additional applications are now available as follows.

  • Colours
    • White, black, navy blue, red, green, yellow, dark red, dark green, dark grey
  • Sizes
    • From 130 to 150, and from S to 4L
  • Price
    • For 130-150 sizes: 2,500 yen each including tax
    • S-4L sizes: 3,000 yen each including tax
2022 Shodokan T-shirts Sample Image
Colour variations

Orders and enquiries

Please address all enquiries to Mr. Shinnosuke Sakai at the following address:

The deadline for an initial batch of orders is 9th August 2022.

Payment method

Payments should be made via PayPal to SAF’s PayPal address, which is as follows.

Please ensure your name is included with your payment is from so that your transfer can be clearly identified.

Postage and packaging

In addition to the cost of the t-shirts themselves, for international orders the following charge shall apply for purposes of delivery and shipping.

  • An order of 1∼5 T-shirts: An additional JPY 3,000 is required
  • An order of 6∼14 T-shirts: An additional JPY 2,000 is required
  • An order of 15 or more T-shirts: No additional charges are required