Benefits of aikido

We are now in an age of sport for everyone, young or old, male or female. We maintain a healthy mind and body through sport which has benefits throughout one’s life.

Aikido fits the description of lifelong physical education perfectly and is a modern budo derived from old jujitsu. Shodokan aikido features a new organisation of the atemi waza (striking techniques) and kansetsu waza (joint techniques) which are particularly effective techniques from jujitsu. The practice system is generally divided into two parts: kata practice and randori practice but can be adjusted according to age and physical strength as follows:

Children's aikido competition


Practice is centered on the basics of correct posture, movement, balance breaking and breakfalls. We place importance on agility, safety and good manners.

Students competing in a regional competition

Young people

Progress is made from kata practice to randori practice. Young people experience the intensity and fun of competition and, through matches, build up strength, stamina and quick reactions.

Women training at Shodokan HQ


Women build strength and learn self-defence techniques. From this training they will acquire good posture and a flexibility body.

Seniors technique demonstration

Older adults

Through kata, older people can explore the diverse sword, spear and other techniques from old jujitsu. As such, it is particularly useful for maintaining flexibility, warding off the ageing process and keeping healthy.