Published May 22, 2020 22:52

Announcement of Shodokan Hombu Reopening + Special Practice Procedure

We hope that all Shodokan members are doing well during these unusual times.

Based on the instructions from Osaka Prefectural Government, Shodokan will remain closed until Friday 29th May.

Adult classes will resume from Saturday 30th May.  All classes will be reduced to one hour.

For juniors, special classes with restricted numbers will be established. These will begin from Monday 1st June.

All monthly fees for May should have been stopped. The previously collected fees for April will be used as the fees for June.With regards to this reopening, we will follow all official guidelines. As such, we ask all our members to please read and abide by our new dojo procedures:

〇 Upon arrival at the dojo, please immediately wash your hands and rinse your mouth.

〇 Please ensure that you bring a face mask with you.

〇 Please try to refrain from extended talking or talking with a loud voice while in the dojo.

〇 Please ensure to keep social distance from other members while in the dojo.

〇 Please do not linger in the changing rooms.  We ask that you get changed as quickly as possible.

〇 Instructors will carry out a body temperature check, along with other health checks.  We ask for your cooperation.

〇 All used items (tanto, jo, bokuto, brooms etc.) will be disinfected after practice.  We ask therefore that you after use you return all these to the same designated area after use.

〇 Following the end of practice, please wash your hands and rinse your mouth.

 〇 Please quickly leave the dojo following the end of practice.

〇 For the health and benefit of all members, our instructors may also have additional safety requests.  We ask for your cooperation at all times.