Published December 15, 2017 17:26

2018 Cold Weather Training (Kangeiko)

Shodokan Dojo would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and would like to invite you to our annual cold weather conditioning event.

For ten days (January 12th to January 21st) the training schedule will be as follows:

1. Practice Days and Times
Children and Junior Members: January 12th – January 14th , 6: 30-7: 30
General Members: January 15th – January 20th 6: 30-7: 30
Joint Practice Session: January 21st (Sunday) 1: 00 ~ 3: 00 pm

2. Eligibility for entry
All organizations and branches affiliated with the Shodokan Aikido Federation.

3. Registration fee
General Members: 1,500 yen (Student Fee 1,000 yen)

4. Location
Shodokan Hombu Dojo. After the joint practice session on January 21st, a party will follow where awards will be presented for full attendance.

Please be advised that there is no early morning practice for general members during children’s kangeiko. Additionally, there will be no other classes offered during the general member’s kangeiko week.

The week following kangeiko, January 22nd – January 28th , there will be no early morning practice.

The weather will only get colder, so let’s fight the freeze by training at hombu! We look forward to your participation!