Published February 27, 2018 20:59

Guidance for the 2018 Kansai General Member’s Competition

For this competition general members, regardless of their grade, are invited to participate in mixed team events at Shodokan Hombu dojo. Participants will be placed on to teams via a lottery draw, making it a good chance to meet other members and adding to the relaxed feeling of this competition. We invite everyone to attend this special event.

Date: April 22nd (Sunday)
General Schedule:
10:00 to 12:00 – Lottery, practice for embu events.
13:00 to 16:00 – Opening ceremony, competition

Location: Shodokan Hombu Dojo
Participation Fee: ¥2000
Signup Deadline: April 17th (Tues)

This competition is for general members only; junior and senior high school students and university students on university teams may not participate. Please contact the leader of your organization if you have questions about your ability to participate.

A separate fee of ¥1000 will be charged for the afterparty; please indicate at the time of registration whether you will attend the afterparty.

Since teams are decided by lottery, single entry from a club is possible. After teams are decided, teams will be given one hour to practice for the competition. The competition includes

Team Events

1. Embu
A: 6 freestyle techniques, changing tori and uke after 3 techniques
B: 6 techniques with criteria
Agamae stance: shomen ate, oshi taoshi, kotegaeshi
Gyakugamae stance: agamae ate, hiki taoshi, tenkai kotegaeshi)
C: Jiyu Waza 1 Minute (partners can change tori and uke freely)

2. Tanto Taisabaki

3. Tanto Randori Embu (partners do not change roles, but kaeshi waza is allowed)

Team Randori (3 team members)

Teams will be comprised of 2 men and 1 woman and will include tanto taisabaki in addition to randori. In the interest of fairness, referees will take into account differences of gender, ability, age, and skill between opponents.