Published January 20, 2018 16:39

Guidelines of the 4th Koshiyama Cup

The 4th Koshiyama Cup will be held as detailed below. We sincerely hope that you will be able to attend.


Saturday 28th April 2018 & Sunday 29th April 2019


Dojo Lancy-Palettes

Chemin des Pontets 19

1212 Grand-Lancy / GENEVE


28th April (Saturday)

8:00~8:45 Registration

9:15 Opening Ceremony

9:30~12:00 Embu Competition

13:30~14:00 Explanation of the rules for Randori Competition

14:00~17:00 Individual Randori Competition (Men’s Division・Women’s Division)

17:00~17:30 Awards Ceremony

19:30~22:30 Party

29th April (Sunday)

8:45 Venue Opens

9:30~11:30 Seminar by Nariyama shihan ①

13:00~14:30 Seminar by Nariyama shihan ②

14:45~16:00 Seminar by Nariyama shihan ③ (Special seminar aimed at instructors)

16:15 Finish

※ Note:

Please be aware that the above schedule is subject to change dependent on the number of tournament participants and limitations on the venue.

〈Competition Events〉

① Embu Competition

Kihon Junanahon (17 techniques) ※ Open to Non-dan grades only

Goshin ko Kata (16 techniques)

② Individual Randori Competition

Men’s Division・Women’s Division

※ Participants are responsible for arranging their own insurance. The event organisers will not be held liable in the case of any accident or injury.

〈 Guidelines for Registration〉

1. Participation in the Embu Competition is limited to one embu event per competitior only.

2. Principally speaking, referees and judges will not be allowed to also compete.

(In the case of insufficient numbers of referees, those competitiors only taking part in randori may be asked to be a judge for the embu, or vice versa.)


Seminar Participation Fee:60 Swiss Francs per person

Individual Randori Competition:20 Swiss Francs per person

Embu Competition:30 Swiss Francs per pair

Party Fee:45 Swiss Francs per person  ※ Food & Drink (Both Alcohol and Soft Drinks) to be included

Party Venue:Rondeau, 26 Boulevard des Promenades, 1227 Carouge

〈Guidelines for Lunch〉

Some light meals/snacks and drinks will be available for purchase at the counter within the dojo building. There is also a shop and a restaurant within the vicinity of the dojo.


We shall provide suggestions for accommodation in a separate guideline.


It is possible to get a free bus ticket at the airport. The ticket machine is by Customs.

〈Application Procedure〉

Deadline for application is 18th March 2018 at the latest. Please inform us by email of the participant’s name, grade, and competition events to be entered.

We will be unable to accept competition entries after the above deadline.

Entries should be sent to:

In order to help us to prepare, we would appreciate your cooperation in applying to us as soon as convenient.

We look forward to meeting with you all.

Dominique Auer

ASAS President