Published February 26, 2020 12:59

*** 03/01 Festival Events Cancelled ***

Attn: Participants of Shodokan Aikido Festival

26th February 2020 

Dear all, 

It is our unfortunate responsibility to inform you that due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, we have been forced to cancel part of the Shodokan Aikido Festival.In recent days there have been several new announcements from the Japanese Government, advising against the holding of any large events, with these Government warnings increasing in severity with each passing day.It is in light of this that we have had to reconsider the holding of this event. 

The final decision was made this morning by SAF’s President Nariyama Tetsuro shihan, and SAF’s Chief Board of Directors Yamagata Masaaki sensei. However, we of course understand that many people have gone out of their way to attend this event.  Therefore we have decided to hold the seminars on Saturday 29th February as planned.  As these seminars will be held at Shodokan Dojo, we have some amount of control.  However the second day was scheduled to be held at a public dojo in Osaka Castle Park.  As a public dojo, it is possible for persons not related to Shodokan to freely enter this dojo.  Furthermore, many children are scheduled to attend, this second day and so we have felt the duty and responsibility to put the welfare and best interests of our members first. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but ask for your understanding in this matter.Please know that all fees that have been collected for parts that have been cancelled will of course be refunded in full. Please see the revised schedule of the festival as below. 

Regards,Sakai Shinnosuke

Head of Administrative Office(NPO) Shodokan Aikido Federation 


29th February (Sat) Venue: Shodokan Headquarters Dojo

8:00 Registration

9:00~10:00    Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements)

10:15~11:15 Tsukuri for Atemi waza and Kansetsu waza

11:30~12:30 Kihon no Kata (17 techniques)

13:30~14:30 Goshin ho(Empty handed)

14:45~15:45 Goshin ho(Against weapons・Using weapons)

16:00~17:30 International Instructors’ Meeting

**Party has been cancelled** 

1st March (Sunday) Venue: Osaka Municipal ‘Shudokan’ Dojo**All day has been cancelled**Regular practice at Shodokan (10:00-11:30, 13:00-14:30) has been reinstated.
In light of this outbreak of the Corona Virus, we will provide alcohol sanitizer and attempt other preparations at Shodokan. However we ask that you attend this festival at your own responsibility for your health.