Shodokan Dojo Training Information


Lead Instructor

Nariyama Tetsuro shihan

Shodokan Dojo’s full time instructors will guide and support you throughout your aikido journey。

Membership Fee
Membership Type Open Course
  • Families, including spouses, can take advantage of a 500 yen discount from the monthly fee for each additional person training.
  • For members of Shodokan Dojo who don’t anticipate training more than once a month, a booklet containing 12 tickets for 12,000 yen may be purchased. A monthly membership fee will still apply if the member trains more than 12 times within a one year period.
  • For admission and sports insurance fees, please contact Shodokan Dojo.
Elementary School Students 6,500円
Junior High School / High School Students 7,000円
University/Vocational School Students 7,500円
Adult Women 8,000円
Adult Men 9,000円
Age 65 or Over 8,000円

Private Groups

Other dojos、companies、schools, and groups interested in special training should contact Shodokan Dojo’s office using the contact form here.


If you are a member and intend to be absent from training for more than one month, please contact Shodokan Dojo so that training fees are not applied to your account.

Membership Guidelines

  1. Shodokan Dojo members who act improperly or indecently could face expulsion.
  2. Unauthorized use of membership cards is strictly prohibited.
  3. In the event your membership card is lost or damaged, a new card will be reissued.
  4. Your membership card must be returned if you withdraw your membership from the dojo.
  5. Membership fees and monthly fees should be paid in advance。
  6. Injuries or accidents that may occur during training are covered by sports insurance.

Practice Days
  Class Day of the Week Time
  • Please be advised that the dojo is closed on the final day of each month。Unless otherwise noted, the dojo is always closed on Japanese public holidays。
  • Admission can be accepted before or after the above training times。(Telephone: 06-6622-2046)
General Members Early Morning Class Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7:00~8:00
Morning Class Friday 11:00~12:00
Afternoon Class Monday, Saturday 14:00~15:00
Evening Class Monday through Saturday 19:00~20:30
Open Mat Monday through Saturday 20:30~21:30 (dojo closes at 22:00)
Sunday Morning Class Sunday 10:00~11:30
Sunday Afternoon Class Sunday 13:00~14:30
Juvenile Members Morning Class(Elementary and Junior HS) Saturday 11:00~12:00
Kid’s Class (Elementary Students Grades 1-3) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 16:10~17:00
Junior’s Class (Elementary Students 4th year and above) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 17:10~18:10