Published Feb 27, 2018 20:59

Guidance for the 2018 Kansai General Member’s Competition

For this competition general members, regardless of their grade, are invited to participate in mixed team events at Shodokan Hombu dojo. Participants will be placed on to teams via a lottery draw, making it a good chance to meet other members and adding to the relaxed feeling of this competition. We invite everyone to attend […]

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Published Dec 7, 2017 23:23

42nd Kansai Aikido Kyogi Taikai Results

Kyu Grade Jiyu Embu: 8th kyu to 6th kyu: 1st Place: Nagase Kouki – Nakai Ryousuke (Kinki University) 2nd Place: Higashihara Yuri – Yamamoto Momona (Shodokan Yao) 3rd Place: Takaki Aion – Shirokoshi Mina (Shodokan Ikuno) Kyu Grade Jiyu Embu: 5th kyu to 1st kyu 1st Place: Ohara Masashi – Takada Gou (Osaka City University) […]

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Published Feb 12, 2017 22:34

Highlights from the 47th All Japan University Aikido Championships.

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Published Dec 27, 2016 17:49

Results of the 47th All Japan Student Competition.

Men’s Team Randori. Winning Team: Tenri University Second place: Seijo University Third place: Kwansei Gakuin University Women’s Team Randori. Winning Team: Seijo University Second place: Kwansei Gakuin University Third place: Kinki University Men’s individual Randori. Winner: Shohei Komori (Seijo University) Second place: Takayuki Namikawa (Seijo University) Third place: Shingo Ikeda (Tenri University) Women’s individual Randori. Winner: Eri […]

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Published Dec 12, 2016 21:40

Results of the 41st Kansai Taikai

Beginners Competition. First Place:  Tomoki Ishimatsu – Rui Tanaka (Kinki University) Second Place: Bear Tianyu – Tang Annus (Tenri University) Third Place: Masashi Ohara – Tsuyoshi Takada (Osaka City University) Advanced Competition. First Place:  Terada Kohei – Taima Nao (Osaka Commercial University) Second Place: Narumi Koizumi – Wataru Kirisaki (Osaka City University) Third Place: Keisuke Otsuji […]

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